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Effective Hair Treatments For Men In JVC

Effective Hair Treatments For Men In JVC

Your hair is your crown that supports your appearance. One of the biggest challenges with men these days is excessive hair fall. You have to be very careful after a certain age as it is one of the major factors that affect your hair. And, it becomes essential to use the right products and treatments to ensure healthy, bouncy hair. You can get a hair treatment in JVC at our salon and avoid regretting later.

Our Hair Treatment Services

We offer hair treatments that have been designed keeping the modern men hair problems and their expectations in mind. Our services comprise a number of procedures that are well known to stimulate hair growth. At our hair treatment salon in JVC, we offer a number of hair treatments for men that include:

Hot Oil Treatment

Nobody likes dry, frizzy hair. And when it comes to men, they are extremely careful about how their hair looks as they don’t have many options to enhance their appearance like women. Our hot oil treatment has been designed keeping the same in mind. The treatment starts with warming up an essential oil of your choice, applying it carefully to your hair, dipping your roots in it and blow-drying them for some time. If you are searching for ‘hair treatment salon near me’ to get a hot oil treatment, you can visit us without thinking twice.

Straightening Treatment

Straight shiny and smooth hair is every man’s dream. At our salon, we help men with the same. Though you can do it at home, it may be really problematic to use a straightener at home on a daily basis. Trust our professionals to straighten your hair while avoiding the possible damages due to heat. Visit our salon to get a professional straightening treatment at amazingly affordable price.

Keratin Straightening

Your hair can garner you with plenty of admiration if maintained properly. Having attractive hair is a boon that very few are blessed with. You must have seen your favourite celebs that silky waterfall like hair and felt jealous. The secret is Keratin here. You can get a keratin straightening treatment at our hair treatment salon near JVC and enjoy having your hair as beautiful as you have always been wanting. A keratin treatment blesses your hair with the required amount of keratin and makes it shinier and thicker. The treatment makes your hair smoother and easier to manage.


Services Price
Hot Oil Treatment 75 AED
Straightening Treatment 95 AED
Keratin Straitening 200 AED