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Get Trendy Hair & Beard Colouring At Kings Cut Gents Salon Today

Hair colouring is in almost everyone’s schedule. Reasons may be different but the one thing which is common is colour. Some do it to hide their greys while some do it when they feel like experimenting with their hair. Whatever be the reason, it is always going to make you look more awesome. If you are searching for the best gents salon in JVC, you must pay a visit to our place and get your hair or beard coloured in the shade you want. Our offerings are:

Hair Colouring

Going grey should not come like a nightmare to you. Our hair coloring services are there for your rescue. If you want to avail a brown hair color JVT service, our salon is the perfect place. Don’t worry if you have thin hair; our boys hair colour JVC treatment will add shine and volume to your hair and make it look thicker and healthier. Our professionals won’t take much of your time and help you with beautiful, glossy hair instantly. Colouring your hair won’t just make it look subtle but also improve the texture, thereby making it smoother and easier to manage.

However, covering grey hair is not the sole purpose behind dying one’s hair. Our boys hair colour in JVC offers bold shades like green, orange or blue that help men make a statement. If you are the one who loves experiments and standing out in the crowd, you can visit our salon. While doing so, we keep your hair health in mind and make use of only the authentic products. We follow all the precautions and deep condition your hair to ensure strength. Let our barbers know the look you want to achieve and they will assist you with the same using quality hair colours. You work hard and deserve every bit of care.

Beard Colouring

A greying beard is not a happy feeling for sure. It may represent experience and wisdom but it doesn’t look good at all. You age with your hair becoming grey and same happens to your beard after a period of time. This is the time when you need to get your beard coloured. Prefer our gents salon near JVC for a beard colouring session and our experts will help you cover your greys while making sure that it doesn’t look too dark. Visit us for a beard or hair colouring today!


Services Price
Haircolouring 120 AED
Beard Colouring 30 AED