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Gents salon in sport city

The head shape study is important before men’s haircut because they are shorter comparatively the females, there are certain standards to check the face contour. The factors that influence the hair cut balancing methods are if there is more flesh above the eyes, the narrow head contour and broader head shape & shorter etc. helps the expert hair dresser to fulfil their task in a unique way.

You are welcome to our Gents salon in sport city to cope with the issues of hair loss, irregularities and poor hair texture etc. we take serious care of our tool that we use for our artwork, we also care the tools with hygiene by sanitizing it on the regular basis as we do not want our customers to suffer any type of skin allergy or health disorders.

Combs also have to play vital role in this artful work, one can find it of different sizes to serve the different purposes. There are the principles to follow for perfect haircutting because these principles help in fixing the strategy by covering technical points. These principles are known as static shape and bias shape, apart these all the fundamental principle of the hair cutting is to create balance with distribution of weight.

When it comes to shape, there are 3 basic types of shapes in men hair cutting like contouring, vertical cutting and extension of shape at Gents salon in sport city. The good thing about this concept is that they can be combined for the unique outcome. The basic techniques for men hair cutting are similar to the women hair cutting like single-length, layered and graduated. Then also the men hair cutting is somewhere more complicated and needs proper focus while executing it. In majority the men wear short length or medium length of the layers.