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Gents Salon In Barsha South For Stylish Haircuts

Gents salon in Barsha south

It is not only about contour, balance and weight distribution etc. while cutting the hair but also the body guidelines are very important to follow during the service. During top or bottom half hair cut, the hair stylist should place the head of a customer or guest between solar plexus and middle sternum, hair stylist always stand straight in front of the panel he is making the cuts upon, its natural that if any hair stylist using comb will face his palms towards the customer, while cutting the hair the fingers should hold the strands of hair to upward direction and avoid the thumb movement, tilting the customers head in order to get proper orientation and fingers to control the comb in a logical way etc. the guidelines are very effective in achieving the perfection at work, at the Gents salon in Barsha south.

In order to avoid itching sensation due to the tiny hair strands stuck to the collar, scalp and cheeks, there is complementary service provided to the guests on request and the hair is treated with the shampoo. The shampoo and conditioner are applied for two times after one haircut. The selection of the product for post hair styling service depends on the texture and type of hair, these products are grooming cream, pomade, and grooming clay as well. The guests are helped with demonstration of any practice that may serve their hair and style. We believe a customer with a nice hair style is our accomplishment as a gents salon in Barsha South. You discover a unique experience with us that is also going to make you cognizant about your hair along with the good product line available in the market, we focus making our customers self Dependant by giving them genuine knowledge about cutting and products.