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Facial Treatments For Men To Get A Healthier Skin

Facial Treatments For Men To Get A Healthier Skin

A skin care routine must be in one’s daily to-do list. It is essential to take a good care of your skin to keep that youthful glow intact. Nothing can beat that feeling of touching your skin and feeling it to be soft and smooth. There are people who are blessed with good skin but the count is very small. For most of us, it is nothing less than a nightmare to have pimples other skin problems. Pollution is the victim, we understand that. And, that’s why we offer a number of facial treatments at our gents salon in JVC. You can choose a Royal or King facial treatment at our salon and bless your skin with an array of great skin benefits.

Facial Treatments Available Exclusively For Men

All our treatments are focused on men’s skin and the problems they face while maintaining their skin. These days, men are quite conscious about how they look; and that gives us a sense of responsibility to offer the best we can. Men are the ones who are subjected to the most amounts of stress and pressure, and it resembles on their faces. Our goal is to offer the best facial treatment for men and help them keep their skin free of blemishes, hyperpigmentation, acne or other such skin issues.

What Are The Benefits?

A facial treatment is a multi-step procedure that serves multiple purposes. Getting a facial at our gents salon near JVC is not just about making your skin look smooth, if offers many other benefits that include:

Deep Cleansing

Our facial treatment in JVC will cleanse your skin thoroughly which is never possible to achieve at home. Our professionals will get in touch with you to understand what your skin needs and work on that. If you are looking for a facial treatment salon in JVC, we can be the perfect match.

Prevents Aging

You have to accept this fact; your skin is going to age with time, and it is an undeniable process. However, with proper treatment & care, you can definitely slow down the process. Our facial treatment in JVC is focused on the same.

Opens Up The Pores

You can never avoid all the damage caused by pollution. You skin is continuously affected by environmental free radicals and UV rays on a daily basis. Our facial treatments will open up your pores and exfoliate your skin in a natural manner.


Services Price
Kings Facial 120 AED
Royal Facial 200 AED