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Visit Kings Cut Gents Salon For Face Hair Removal

Facial hair irritates the most. You cannot deny the fact that they ruin the overall appearance in no time. Just like women, men also deal with excessive facial hair problem. There are many methods that are being used for long with waxing being one of the most popular ones. You can search over the Internet and get a number of ideas to get rid of facial hair. However, not all the tips are as effective as they claim; and few of those may even do harm to your skin. So, it’s better to get a professional threading hair removal service at a reputed salon.

What Sets Us Apart?

Your face is your identity, and also one of the most exposed part of your body. When you meet someone, you see at their face first; and that’s why it needs the most attention. At Kings Cut Gents Salon, we offer face wax & face thread hair removal services that are tailored especially for men. We understand your skin and offer treatments according to that only. Men have got different skin and need a specific approach to take care of it. If you are looking for a facial hair remover in JVT, our salon must be in your go-to list.

Our Services

Unwanted hair bothers everyone. You may go for a laser, but you must be aware of how expensive it is. Also, everyone prefers things that are time-saving. Who wants to invite a hassle of attending multiple sessions if you can get rid of that hair in one go using face thread hair removal ? Reach us for a facial hair remover Arjan service and we will be happy to offer you the same. Our services are:

Face Wax

Waxing is preferred by all. Considering the rough texture of men’s skin, face wax is one of the most reliable techniques to remove that excess hair from root. We offer facial hair removals at multiple locations in JVC area. Get in touch with us for a facial hair remover in JVC service and get a bright, smooth, baby-like skin in no time.

Face Thread Hair Removal

Another great option is a threading hair removal session with us. Threading is quite popular among men these days as it looks and feel organic; nothing is applied to your skin. So, if your skin is sensitive, there is nothing better than face thread hair removal.


Services Price
Face Wax 15 AED
Face Thread Hair Removal 10 AED